From an idea to the result

What’s our specialization?


Webdesign is our specialization profile. We design almost all the main website types: from landing pages to large web stores.

All of our websites are made on CMS WordPress.

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Technical support

We take care of support, maintenance and up-to-dateness of the websites.

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The advantages of working with us

All-embracing approach

The complete service bundle varying from market audit and website design to SEO targeting and advertising.


We set up a contract, fix a work package and set the deadline.


We deal with the designs of any difficulty from landing pages to intricate web projects.


Through the years we have created dozens of projects using WordPress (landing pages, corporate sites and web stores). It’s true that we don’t have the same approach to each and every project. The vast majority of our projects are complex ones like a creation of the blueprint and the design, or SEO targeting and advertising. It allows us to understand the concept better and make the project successful.

Have an idea?

We’ll help you to develop an idea into an FASCINATING web project.

Send us your idea and contacts, and we will do all the rest.

Data processing

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Have you scrolled to this text and are you still reading it? Then you have an idea and you look for someone able to represent it well on the Internet.

We understand how hard a choice you have now. You may save money and ask a freelancer to design a website, but it won’t guarantee you a proper quality. There are some well-known web studios. They will make you an amazing website, though their prices are high.

And here is us, somewhere in the middle of this. We are a small web studio called “NOiSCH”. We have enough web design experience. We set up a contract and work according to it, that’s why we are responsible for meeting the engagements. And our prices are reasonable, so you won’t have to overpay.

How can you order a website design?

Website design is quite a broad term. For different people it means not the same tasks. And each client needs a different thing: a landing page, a business card website or a large web store. No doubt that the amount of work and the prices are different. Though all this means a “website design”.

That’s why, if you are fully aware of what you want, click on the corresponding topic and fill in the brief. We’ll contact you, discuss the peculiarities of the project and get to work.

It’s also possible that there is an idea of the website, but there’s no understanding of what type of a website that will perfectly fit in the idea. Then you may send your thoughts and we’ll figure out how to materialize them.

Anyway it all starts with your calling or writing to us.
In fact this is the way of ordering any service of ours.

Having a positive attitude to each client, we refuse to work on several topics on principle. We can’t cooperate if you need a website on one of these topics: politics, religion, occultism, alcohol, smoking, gambling, weapons, erotics. We don’t want to sound high-flown, but we do care about the content on the Internet and we won’t promote the things harming people in physical, moral or religious way.

We welcome those who agree with our policy. We’ll definitely get on well with each other!