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Our main job is to design websites. We create almost any type of website — from a landing page to an online store.

All websites are created using CMS WordPress mainly with the help of the Premium Divi theme.

Landing Page

It’s a page exclusively dedicated to one product or service. The sole aim of a landing page is to encourage customers to perform a specific action: register, order or buy something, etc.

Pages: 1
Term: 7-14 days
Price: from 300$.


Site card / corporate website

A multipage website tells in detail about the business of a company, its structure, services and goods. There is often a Blog section with articles and pages with information about sales.

Pages: 2 or more
Term: 28-60 days
Price: from 500$.

Web Store

A modern web store has a user-friendly interface, clear logic, and a structured product catalog. A convenient admin panel makes it easy to track orders and quickly respond to them.

Pages: 20
Term: 28-60 дней
Price: from 900$.

Website technical support

Website technical support means complex and regular work done to maintain the technical serviceability of the website.

Why is it profitable to order our professional technical support?

  • our highly qualified specialists will solve any technical problems arising on the site in a matter of hours
  • regular updating of the design theme and all plugins helps to keep the technical serviceability and up-to-date state of your website
  • monthly monitoring of all functional units of the website allows to eliminate any malfunction that has occured in time
  • monthly monitoring of all functional units of the website allows for eliminating any occurred malfunction in time

What kind of work is done as part of the technical support of the website?

  • Updating the engine, themes, and plug-ins of the website
  • Replacement of malfunctioning plug-ins if there is a conflict
  • Monitoring the availability of the website to the customers
  • Checking the work of the links
  • Backing up data bases
  • Backing up website file structure
  • Regular removing of unnecessary files and damaged links from the website
  • Designing website antivirus protection
  • Restoring the operability of the website in the event of errors
  • Optimization of website page load speed
  • Identification of bugs and their fixing
  • Communicating with the support service of the hosting
  • Communicating with the domain name registrar

Websiteite maintenance

Website maintenance is constant work done to keep the content of the website up-to-date.

A website is a complex, almost living organism requiring constant care and attention. Only then it will look perfect, run like a Swiss watch and therefore bring you income. We are ready to guide your website to success, performing all the work necessary in a professional way.

What kind of work could it be?

  • Posting articles, photos, videos, etc. on the website.
  • Optimizing images posted on the website
  • Filling the products catalog on the web store.
  • Creating additional pages, menu items, and other parts of the website.
  • Installing additional plug-ins
  • Expanding the website functionality.
    Setting up a series of emals in the autoresponder
  • Setting up a newsletter in the autoresponder.

Surely, every project is unique, and the maintenance of your website may include different services, which we can discuss beforehand.


SEO and site promotion is a series of actions aimed at internal and external optimization of a website increasing the position of the website in search engine results and, consequently, in a traffic and conversion increase.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit of the website allows to determine the status of the website, find bugs and other malfunctions that prevent the website successful promotion. The promotion strategy and plan are designed based on SEO analysis of the website.

Term: 5-7 days

Price: from 150$ (or free when ordering a full package of services)


SEO consists in fixing bugs, adding necessary META tags, image processing, content preparation, and other activities ensuring website promotion in the search engines.

Term: from 28 days (depending on the website size)

Price: from 200$ (depending on the website size)

Semantic SEO

Compilation of the semantic core is the process of collecting relevant keywords which serve as a basis for website promotion in the search engines. Semantic SEO is the basis for and the most essential part of website promotion.

Term: from 14 days (depending on the website size)

Price: from 250$ (depending on the website size)

Complex SEO

Complex SEO includes SEO Audit, compilation and distribution of the keywords on the website pages, internal and external optimization. Some part of the work is done once, the other is done monthly. Generally, it’s a rather long process with the purpose of making the way for the website to stand at the TOP of the search engine results on certain queries.

Price: personalised, depends on the website size, amount of work to be done, and goals.


Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns on Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram.

Contextual advertising
  • Search campaigns on Yandex.Direkt and Google Ads.
  • Campaigns on Yandex Advertising Network and Google Display Network
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • Advertising on YouTube and the services of Yandex and Google
Targeted advertising
  • Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, V Kontakte, myTarget
  • Attracting traffic to the website or the social media groups
  • Lead Ads campaign to collect applications right on social networks
  • Video campaigns on social networks