Projects | Web Store


Project Tasks

Since 2015 «S-City» have been successfully selling building materials offline. At first the task was to make a business card website with goods catalogue. But then, when the web page was ready, the client decided to change the plan – he wanted it to be a web store as well.

As a result, there was a fully functioning web store created. It has an automatic price update within the goods menu and the downloadable price lists. An integration to 1C was also among the many things accomplished.

Moreover, we’ve still been SEO promoting and maintaining the website.

Tools Used

Photoshop, Figma, WordPress, Divi, HTML5, CSS3, Java

Service Provided

WordPress, Divi theme, Woocommerce and all the necessary plugins were installed; we’ve made a design of the main pages as well as their layout composition and mobile optimization. We’ve made the prices been automatically synchronized and updated. There was made a multilingual interface.