The website is a showcase of the company on the Internet.
We design websites that appropriately represent you and your business on the Internet.

Landing Page

It’s a page which is exclusively dedicated to one product or service. The main purpose of the landing page is to make the visitor do something – register on the website, order or purchase something, etc.

  • Pages: 1
  • Terms: 7-14 days

Business Card Website

It’s a small website briefly providing information about the company, its services, products and contacts.

  • Pages: 3-10
  • Terms:14-28 days

Corporate Website

A corporate website thoroughly tells about the company, its structure, services and products. There is often a Blog: pages with promotions and some articles.

  • Pages: 10-30
  • Terms: 28-60 days

Web Store

A web store has a user-friendly interface, a clear composition and a structured product catalogue. A convenient admin menu makes it easy to track orders and quickly respond to them.

  • Pages: 20
  • Terms: 28-60 days
If you do not know or cannot decide which type of a website suits you best, just write to us. We will discuss your ideas and make a unique offer.

Data processing

7 + 2 =

Working Process


At this stage, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market, audience and competitors, highlight key queries and compose the semantic core. We make the structure of the future website/webpage based on the collected data.

Web Design

We make a prototype and design of the pages. The modern web design trends are used to make the website look up-to-date and presentable.

Page Layout

We compose the design approved . We use WordPress as a CMS. In most cases, we use the Divi premium theme. We code all the extra functions and styles necessary on HTML and CSS.

Search Engine Optimization

To make the website been well indexed by search engines, we initially do search engine optimization (we code all titel, alt, meta, description).

Of course, each project is unique and it requires its own list of works, which affects the cost of creating a website. Write to us to find out the cost of designing a website for you.

Estimating a preliminary price does not compel you to anything, yet it will help you to better understand the market of website design, and compare our prices with the prices of other web studios and freelancers. We do not charge money for service. Please, write to us.

Data processing

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Do you make websites exclusively on WordPress?
Yes. This is our conscious choice. That’s not because other CMS or HTML websites look worse, rather because we simply like WordPress. It is user-friendly, has many ready-made design themes and plugins for expanding functionality. What’s more, WordPress is free, and that fact significantly reduces the cost of creating a website.
Do you use a ready-made design theme or code your own one?
The majority our websites are created on the Divi premium theme. It is a very convenient and contemporary page builder. With the help of its visual editor, users are able to edit existing pages and even create new ones easily. You can buy your own Divi license or we can provide your a license key without the right to hand it over to third parties.
We can use other WordPress themes if necessary or on request.
We do not create our own design themes. It’s expensive and inefficient.
Do you work under the contract?
Yes, we prefer a contract-based relationship with transparent technical requirements, types of work, prices and deadlines specified. This is the only way to protect both of us (you and our company) from misunderstandings.