Technical support

and maintenance of sites

Website technical support

Website technical support is a comprehensive and regular work to support its technical serviceability.

Why is it profitable to order professional technical support from us?

  • qualified specialists solve any technical problems arising on the site in a matter of hours
  • regular updating of the design theme and all plugins helps to keep your site in a technically sound and up-to-date state
  • monthly monitoring of all functional nodes of the site allows you to promptly eliminate the malfunctions that have arisen
  • you run your business without worrying that your site will be hacked, your customers’ data and contacts will be stolen.

What kind of work is performed as part of the technical support of the site?

Site engine update
Updating the design theme
Updating installed plugins
Replacing broken plugins in case of conflicts
Monitoring the resource for availability for visitors
Monitoring links for their performance
Backing up databases
Backing up the site file structure
Regular cleaning of the site from unnecessary files, broken links
Organization of site protection from viruses
Protection against hacking and hacker attacks
Resource health restoration in case of failures
Optimization of website page loading speed
Monitoring bugs and fixing them
Communication with hosting support
Communicating with a domain name registrar

Site maintenance

Site maintenance is a constant work to keep the site content up-to-date.

The site is a complex, almost living organism that requires constant care and attention. Only then will it look perfect, work “like a clock” and, accordingly, bring you income. We are ready to accompany your site to success, professionally performing all the work necessary for this.

What kind of work could it be?

Posting material on the site – articles, photos, videos, etc.
Optimization of images posted on the site.
Filling the catalog of goods in the online store.
Creation of additional pages, menu items and other sections of the site.
Installing additional plugins.
Expansion of the site’s functionality.
Setting up a series of letters in an autoresponder.
Setting up a newsletter in an autoresponder.

Of course, each project is individual and other previously agreed services may be included in the accompaniment of your site.

If you still have a question about technical support and maintenance of the site, if you are not sure whether you need the whole range of measures or you can refuse something, leave us a message and we will be happy to find you an individual solution.
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The cost of technical support and site maintenance

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